Amisgest TV

The customizable information tool to display your daily notifications.

Energize your communications

AMISGEST offers turnkey digital signage solutions tailored to your market!

Whatever your industry and need, trust Amisgest TV to easily deliver all your messages.
Simple, flexible, effective and entertaining !

Whether you are a daycare, a school institution, a gym, a seniors center or any other type of business,
our solutions will respond effectively to all your needs and expectations!

Perfectly integrated and harmonized with your decor, our dynamic display solutions will allow you to create, schedule and broadcast animated content as you like: announcements, weather, photos, menus and all types of messages on one or more monitors according to your needs.

Discover some features ...

The Weather

Get the weather, the humidex index and the perceived temperature. The information will be displayed according to your "Postal Code" location.


Integrate, import and manage your own photos directly from your mobile device. You also have access to a large bank of photos!


Display your menu on the screen according to the days of the week. Ability to program and scroll through your menus each week.


Displaying daily messages and announcements has never been easier! Your messages will scroll on the screen according to the speed you choose.

Time and Date

Everyone has the same time! Amisgest TV is synchronized with the time of the attendance charts and the Internet time servers.

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Why chose Amisgest TV? ?

Amisgest, partner of your success

Amisgest offers you a wide range of solutions to help you meet all your daily challenges. You will now be able to optimize your budget and management operations, while ensuring the safety of children users.

Collaborating with the various associations and groups in the network, Amisgest is known for the quality of its service as well as for its in-depth knowledge of the childcare sector. In addition, we remain on the lookout for new regulations by regularly consulting Ministry of Family staff.

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